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  1. "I have no control over what people think of me but I have 100% control of what I think of myself." — Beth Ditto  (via messinah)

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Video of the Day, April 15, 2014 // Skiers: Jason Arens, Jake Doan, Nicky Keefer, Earl, Colter Brehmer, Sam Hurst, Will Wesson, Torin Yater-Wallace, Pete Arneson, John Kutcher, Noah Curry, and Khai Krepela // Credit: Garrett Jurach 1 week ago
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Ready to shred. 1 week ago
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We are skiing’s online community! 1 week ago
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Flexin’ 1 week ago
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what life will return to come springtime

HAHAHHAHAHA why am I laughing at you jack why

The struggle


It’s summer and I’m literally having stress dreams about not being able to ski. Bring on the 14/15 season!  1 week ago
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  12. "A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
    And today I don’t know how to even say hey" — (via

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